key & handbag charm (crossover with "cottontail")

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與西洋書法家家 "cottontail" 的聯乘款式,材質為925純銀電鍍K金及不銹鋼。寶石的主要顏色來自毛髮,並沒有外加色素,我們希望保存毛髮天然而來的漂亮顏色。

訂製訂單將會根據你所留下的資料,三個工作天內 Shanade 會作聯絡,屆時將與你討論寶石的設計及交收毛髮的方式。如果你不確定寶石想要做的形狀和純銀配件的顏色,請留空。

訂單製作需時20個工作天 (不包括星期六、日及公眾假期) ,由設計師 Shanade 親手製作。毛髮可經由平郵、速遞或直接交到尖沙咀 studio。

價錢: $870 (聯乘款式並無任何折扣)

crossover with calligrapher "cottontail" , design with 925 sterling silver and stainless steel. main colour of gem is based on the colour of your pet's hair, no colouring treatment, we hope to keep the natural status of the hair. 

Shanade will contact you via the information you had left us within 3 working days, to discuss about the design and delivery of hair. if you are not sure about the shape and colour of metal, please leave it blank, we will discuss with you through the conversation. 

order requires a lead time of 20 working days (not including sat, sun & public holiday) , hand made by Shanade. you can send us hair via local mail, express mail or drop off to our studio in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Price: $870 (no discount for crossover product)

- 14/ 18mm 圓形卜面

- 12mm 六角形

- 14/ 18mm round dome

- 12mm hexagon

提供香港本地及海外配送,香港、台灣及澳門運費將會在結賬時顯示,其他地區請點擊 link 以 what's app 查詢 (

 we ship locally and worldwide, the shipping fee of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau will be shown when check out, for other counties please click the link for enquiry via what's app (


packed with jewellery box, the remain hairs will put in a acrylic container

所有飾品以925純銀電銀18K金及日本製樹脂設計以成,建議避開高溫、水及化學物質 (例如: 香水、潤手霜和潤膚露),不建議洗澡時配戴,用以抹銀布清潔便可。玫瑰金色的K金電鍍層在配帶過一段長時間後可能出現淡化的情況,我們可以提供重新電鍍的服務 (付費服務)。

our jewellery is made with 925 sterling silver with 18K gold plated and resin, we recommend you avoid from heat, water and chemicals (eg. perfumes, creams and lotions). rose gold colour refer to the gold plated layer, the colour may fade out over time, we provide plated service if in need.